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My Approach

I'm here to support you meet your goals, create the life you want, have more freedom, fulfill your hearts desires, whatever they may be. 

And I want people to want to work with me.  So I'm not here to persuade you I'm the right fit.  This needs to feel good to us both!  If you've made it this far and are still interested, keep reading. 

What's clear to me since leaving the charity sector as an in-house fundraiser and investing a heap of time and money into my own personal development, we have got a lot of stuff wrong.  

We prioritise skills and years of experience over mindset a lot of the time.  But all the skills in the world won't result in much change if the person learning or experiencing them doesn't feel confident, worthy and empowered.  

I help people reach their full potential, to be their beautiful, unique, true self - not following a cookie cutter route or version of what they "should" be doing.  I support them to discover their hearts desire and the freedom to be their authentic self.  

Beautiful, sometimes messy, feminine, flowy, organised, human, growth mindset strategies that feel 100% in flow.  Life shouldn't be a struggle.  You shouldn't have to sacrifice anything to get the life of your dreams.  I want the best for you so you can continue to change the world and fulfil your life's purpose. 

I can provide you with a shortcut to living your true and abundant life in a way that works for you.  Bypassing the 'shoulds', the expectations and the years of hamster-wheels.  

When you work with me, you get the benefit of my experience, the investments I've made in my personal development and of me living my most authentic and best life, through seeing and doing things really differently these past few years.  

I use a combination of teaching, mentoring, project managing, coaching techniques and consultancy to provide you with better, more efficient, more energy saving ways of doing things that feel good to you, so you can more easily accomplish your goals and desires! 


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