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The imbalance between raising more in a culture of limitation, scarcity, fear & risk aversion

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

It goes without saying you want to raise more money and make more impact in your work. You want to achieve more, succeed more and know you're making a tangible difference. You want to change the world. That's why you work in charity.

But the pace of change, the limitation and constraints you are forced to work within, the pessimism and risk aversion that has become the norm, is making you question if real change will ever come.

You know deep down your organisation can do much more. You know your fundraising can achieve bigger and better results, your work can change lives, it can change the world.

However this perpetual push and pull of:

  • Raise more but on less budget and capacity,

  • Do better/do more but within these restrictive parameters,

  • Think bigger/be more ambitious but only if the budget gets sign off (which requires all the Trustees to be in agreement and they only meet twice a year)...

You, yes you.... you are here on purpose. You are amazing. Your work is amazing. You can achieve so much. You can expand and grow. You are making a difference even though the cards are stacked against you.

But it's time to go BIG. It's time to share boldly and be courageous.

It's time to start seeing things differently. It's time to change the world. The world needs you and your work. But the ways we've been working, ain't working. And radical results, require radical change.

You up for it?

The Money Movement is the movement for charity folk who want to be part of that radical change. To unlearn all you've been taught about money and fundraising and charity and to learn how to THINK like someone who can achieve more, expand unapologetically and make massive amounts of impact. It'll support you jumping out your box, getting out your lane and making a lot of noise.

It's time to break free of those constraints.

You can do it.

I believe in you.

It's time to level up the playing field.

Will you join me?

Find out more at The Money Movement and if you'd like a money off discount code, let me know!

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